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Acorn Penal-Ware 1418 Series 18” Lav-Toilet Comby

Acorn Penal-Ware 1418 Series 18” Lav-Toilet Comby
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ACORN Toilet Orientation
ACORN Fixture Mounting and Waste
ACORN Bubbler Selection
ACORN Valve Selection
ACORN Flush Valve GPF's
ACORN Flush Valve Options
ACORN Product Options
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Fixture is arranged to be installed on finished wall and serviced from an accessible pipe chase. Optional Wall Sleeve or Metal Template is recommended for all installations for required wall openings. Fixture is fabricated from 14 gage, type 304 stainless steel and is seamless welded construction with a satin finish.

Cabinet interior is sound-deadened with fire-resistant material. There are no accessible voids or crevices where contraband can be concealed.

Lavatory Bowl. Standard Oval Bowl is 14-3/4” x 9-1/2” x 5” deep. Optional Multi-Sided Bowl is 12-3/4” x 8-1/4” x 5” deep. Multi-Sided Lavatory Bowl allows a countertop on cabinet. Standard elbow waste outlet is 1-1/2” O.D. plain end.

Valve is an Air-Control pneumatically operated, pushbutton valve using atmospheric air. Pushbutton is vandal-resistant and requires less than 5 pounds to activate valve. Valve is direct acting, non-metering type and is optionally available as metering with non-hold open feature. Metering valve timing is adjustable from 5 to 60 seconds. Valve includes a 0.5 GPM flow control and can be remotely located up to 10 feet from the operating pushbutton. Valve conforms with the lead free requirements of NSF61, Section 9, 1997.

Toilet is blowout jet type with elongated bowl manufactured to ANSI 112.19.2M requirements and requires a minimum of 35 PSI flow pressure. Toilet uses a water consumption of 1.6 gallons per flush or less. Trap has a minimum 3-1/2” seal and will pass a 2-1/8” ball. Toilet seat has a sanitary high polish finish. Toilet waste outlet is 2-3/8” diameter plain end for wall outlet, and Gasketed Waste for floor outlet.

Regularly Furnished items include a fast drain, an integral self-draining soap dish, and mounting hardware for walls up to 8” thick.

Ordering Instructions


Thickness ___________ Type: __ Concrete __ Block __ Steel

Additional Product Options:

  • COH Cleanout Hook Assembly
  • CW Combined Waste
  • EG Enviro-Glaze, Specify Color _______
    • Exterior Only (Not Inside Bowl)
    • Exterior & Inside Bowl
  • FMT Fixture Mounted Trim
  • FT Flood-Trol
  • FTA Flood-Trol, Auto-Reset
  • FTE Flood-Trol, Electronic
  • FVO Flush Valve Opposite Toilet
  • FVT Flush Valve Thru Wall Connector
  • GW Gasketed Toilet Waste
  • HPS High Polish Seat #7 Finish
  • HS Hinged Seat
  • IS Integral Shelf
  • LPFV Less Punching for Flush Valve
  • LW1 Lavy Thru-Wall Extension with P-Trap
  • LWE Lavy Waste Extension (3" Standard)
    • Specify Length Beyond Fixture _____
  • M Metering
  • MA Manifolded Valve __2 __3 __4
  • MH Metering, Hot Side Only
  • MT Metal Template (Only 1 Required Per Project)
  • OF Lavatory Overflow
  • PBH Hemispherical Pushbutton
  • PBP Pushrod Activated Pushbutton
  • PC Pinned Cleanout Plug
  • PH Paper Holder __L __R __C __LF __RF
  • PT P-Trap Waste
  • SPS Suicide Prevention Skirt
  • SW Wall Sleeve
  • TB Toothbrush Holder __Left __ Right
  • TF Transformer, 120VAC to 24VAC
  • TG 12 Gage Cabinet
  • TH Towel Hook __Single __Double __Left __Right
  • TSC Toilet Shipping Cover
  • TWE Toilet Waste Extension (3" Standard)
    • Specify Length Beyond Fixture _____
  • VAC Acorn Vac System
  • VG1 Ventilation Grille, 5-3/4" x 8-3/4" __L __R __LF __RF
  • VG2 Ventilation Grille, 8-3/4" x 13" (Bottom Only)
  • WO3 3" Toilet P-Trap (3.5 GPF Only)
  • WO3B 3" Bell Waste Outlet

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